Beach Mon Enterprises

"The Evolution of the Beach Umbrella Anchor is Complete!"

  Thank you for your interest in our Mikes Spikes "Hammerhead" line, the most advanced beach umbrella and surf rod anchors available. These commercial grade tools are engineered to "Hold strong! All day long!"

  If you've ever spent a breezy day on the beach, it's almost certain that you've encountered an umbrella failure due to a weak hold in the sand. The problem can be traced to the fact that all current umbrella holders are based on the obsolete screw-in application. During their often difficult installation, the natural hard packed state of the sand is destroyed as the protruding threads create a loose pocket below the surface. In essence, they defeat their own purpose. 

  The "Hammerhead" however, takes advantage of the hard packed base by using a simple but reliable concept. An integrated slide-weight drives the spike deep into the sand in less than 30 seconds, with no disturbance at all. Installation is easilly achieved by both women and men of all ages, providing the strongest hold available. NO MORE FLYING UMBRELLAS !

Not only is Mikes Spikes a better way, now it's the only way!


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